About us

Claremont Estates is East London's leading independent Estate Agency. 

 Why use Claremont Estates to rent a property with?

  • We have been managing properties for over 20 years

  • Experienced and friendly staff

  • We manage over hundreds of tenants with a small and dedicated team

  • All our properties are well-presented and clean



Properties experts in East London

If you think all real estate agents are the same, you have not worked with Claremont Estates. We are different. Everything we do will give you a better experience in finding the right property for you.

We manage hundreds of tenants 

We are London’s premier independent agent and attract thousands of potential tenants each week, both from London and internationally. We also have a showroom in East London where our experts get to work! 


Claremont Experts

The people at Claremont's make us what we are - we are well known for working hard and going the extra mile to get you the right buyer and the best price. Our staff are professional partners for our clients, trained at the highest level through our own training programme and ongoing professional development. We make sure that our staff work to the highest standards.


Market Knowledge

At Claremont's, we do hundreds of evaluations every week. Claremont people are experts and they know the local market better than anyone, so it is an unparalleled source of advice and knowledge. Our people live close to where they work and are members of the local community so they can give you an in-depth insight into the property market.