Rent guide



Register with us:

The first step in your renting journey is to register with us. Tenants registered with Claremont Estates gain direct access to new properties that may have not been listed.

Understanding your needs, we advise that you specify how much you’re willing to spend, areas of interest and any other factors you feel would help us better your search for the perfect property.



Viewing properties:

Our agents will work closely with you to ensure you do not miss out on viewings for your property of interest. Where the market is extremely fast paced, we advise that you keep us updated of what times are best suited to you.

During the viewing, keep note of all the questions you had in mind after seeing the property. This will ensure you do not forget to ask the agent anything during or even after the viewing. Get a feel of the area by walking outside the property and do not hesitate to ask for further information about the local area from our agents.

If the property is not for you, do not be disheartened, our agents will provide you with better suited alternatives and refine your search further.



Making an offer:

After seeing a property that you like, let our agents know you are ready to make an offer. Confirm any additional details as well as special requests you may have. This will help the agent communicate your requests to the landlord and ensure everything is smooth sailing.

A holding deposit will be required as a sign of commitment to the landlord.



Offer accepted:

Our agents will confirm your accepted offer in writing once the holding deposit has been paid. Double check all information is correct as this will be the basis of your tenancy agreement.



The referencing process:

At Claremont Estates, we use a third-party referencing agency. The agency will carry out all the necessary background checks required. This includes an employer’s reference to confirm your income to rent ratio for affordability, conformation of residency, credit history check and a previous landlord’s reference (if applicable).

You will be notified once all checks have been completed.



Signing the tenancy agreement:

The tenancy agreement will clearly outline both landlord and tenant obligations. It will also include any other aspects that have been agreed in order to protect both parties.

Ensuring that our tenancy agreements are always kept up to date, we will include the latest regulatory and legislative changes. It is important that you sign your document quickly in order to avoid delaying the next steps for your big move.




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